Firefox Test Pilot Sprint, Dhaka

Firefox Test Pilot Sprint, Dhaka – A two day long event organized by Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community. The event was held on 24th and 25th March in BRAC University. As a member of organization team and contributor, i got chance to get a closure look and be a part of this event. So now i am sharing my experience and view on the event……

A lot of preparation and social promotional activities were going on before the event. Nearly 14 news portal shared about this event. Huge amount of tweets and fb status were also coming on one after another.Finally the event day had come –

Day 1 (24th March)

Nearly 80 contributors joined the event to know more about Firefox Test Pilot. After taking breakfast the event started.At the very first moment of the day, some Mozillian stuff and organizing team welcomed participants. They shared Mozilla and Mozilla’s mission with the participants.

After that an introductory session was taken on Test pilot and some of experimental extensions. Here’s what we came to know about Test pilot –

What is Test Pilot?

Test Pilot is a platform that ships new concepts/features to firefox with the help of user research and feedback. This process consist of four phases. Which includes-

Prototype and Validate, Design and Build,Launch and Learn and Graduate.

Before giving idea on experimental extensions Rezaul Haque Nayeem, Md. Rahimul  Islam and Mohammad Maruf Islam took session on QA, Firefox Channels and Importance of new/fresh profile.

After that participants, came to know about Test cases and how it works from Sayed Ibn Masud.

Experimental Features

Currently there are total 9 experimental features in Firefox Test Pilot.

  • Snooze Tabs
  • Containers
  • Pulse
  • Page Shot
  • Min Vid
  • Activity Stream
  • Tab Center

Speakers took their session on these features. At first, they briefly introduced these features to participants and then helped participants to execute various test cases on these features.

You can also try it from here :  Test Pilot – All Test Suites

During the session there was a lunch break. By the way, the food was yummy……!!

I along with Nazir Ahmed Sabbir took session on Containers. I were very much tensed about the session. Cause that was my first speech in any public event. You know!! around 80 person is looking at you.And they are expecting some speech from you……

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When i found that every one is listening and they are asking questions on various parts, i felt relax. Yes everything is going in right way. Participants are becoming interested to know more about Containers.

Finally the photo session parts had come….



Day 2 (25th March)

Now it’s become tradition that there would be rainy weather in every 2nd day of any event organized by Mozilla QA Bangladesh. At least i  faced that maximum time.But like always this weather could not stop Mozillian to join the event.


Second day planning was to prepare documentation on experimental features in Firefox Test Pilot. Hossain Al Ikram gave details instruction about that to participants. And formed some groups for this. Two mentors were assigned in each group to help participants.

Each group prepared documentation in Bengali and English.

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After that one of the most attractive part of the event “Recognition for QA Contributor” was arranged.


I got many swags for my contribution. Each and every one of them were very much attractive to me. But among them the “Firefox T-Shirt” was  very much special.

I waited 1 year for this day. After 1 year of contribution i finally received this t-shirt from Mozilla QA Bangladesh. I really won’t forget the moment. Thanks Mozilla QA Bangladesh. Me and my contribution will  be always with you.


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Oh, totally forgot about the Social Promotion Team. There were also attractive prizes for the participants  throughout the event for post sharing about the event.


Finally the two day long events ended up with Group photo session.


I really learned so many things in this event. Hope we will get more event like this in future also.




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