Bug Marathon, Dhaka

“Bug Marathon”, what does it mean ?  That was a question from Hossain Al Ikram to fellow Mozillians and FSA’s in Bug Marathon,Dhaka which was held on 20th and 21th May,2016 at Independent University campus.The event was organized by the Mozilla QA Bangladesh community.

“Bug Marathon” means working with so many Bugs in a specific range of time with many people.The main purpose of the event was to prepare and share experience with Mozillians for getting more contribution in QA pathway.

To make the event more successful and effective some community calls were arranged before the event.Mozillians from Mozilla QA Bangladesh shared their opinions and those were implemented in the event.


DAY 1:   

In the first day (20th May) of the event, people started coming from different district and location to join the event.Before introductory session of the event they were welcomed by the organizers with some breakfast.After that,main session began.

The event started with describing importance of QA contributors in Mozilla.Then they were introduced with various Firefox channels,their development time period and purpose.

They also grasp step-by-step procedures of downloading various channels from Firefox archive, creating new profile.It was also described why it is important to create new profile for testing.After that lunch break was given to participants.Some lunch items were also provided to them for lunch.

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After lunch break, Nazir Ahmed Sabbir and Hossain Al Ikram introduced participants with Bugzilla.They also told about Bug Life Cycle.

After their session, participants got knowledge on how a bug goes with various steps in Bugzilla and how a Mozillian QA contributor can contribute in Bugzilla.They also showed their profile to participants to give them details idea on that.At last,Hossain Al Ikram gave advice that before filing a bug contributors should reproduced that bug with-

  1. The latest Nightly;
  2. On other Firefox versions;
  3. In competing browsers.

Contributors should also write clear description about Steps to reproduce,Actual result and Expected result.

There were also a group photo session at the end of the first day of the event.


DAY 2:

The 2nd day was waiting with so many surprises for us.The weather was too bad because of cyclone “Roanu”. I thought many participants won’t join the event.But when i reached the event venue,i became surprised.”Roanu ” and it’s affect could not stop Mozillian to join.Like 1st day,participants had breakfast before main session.After that they join a global community call with Mike Hoye.He welcomed participants and inspired them  about contributing in Mozilla.

Then they were introduced with bug verification process.Core contributors from Mozilla QA community suggested that,

It is really important to read description and comments in the bug to understand the problem.

After understanding the bug they showed next steps to follow one by one to Mozillian.They also gave participants live example on Bug verification process.

Then lunch break and lunch was given to participants.In the mean time,photo session was also going for participants.

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The big surprise was waiting after this session.Many swags were given to core contributors for their contributing in Mozilla Bangladesh Community and to make the event successful.

Recognition and swags were also given to contributors who did well in last few test days.I was really surprised when Hossain Al Ikram invited me to take swags for my contribution.

That feeling when you stand in-front of  many contributors to take swags for your contribution !! It can’t be expressed in words.I will remember the line from swags,

This isn’t your average piece of company gear.Just like us,it’s different by design.It says that you support our efforts to put the power of the Web in people’s hands and shape it for the good of users everywhere.Wear it,use it or display it proudly.

Really, these lines will inspire me to contribute more and more for Mozilla QA pathway.

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Some others contributors also got swags for their contribution.

There was also a group photo session after the event.

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Thanks Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community for organizing this event and for inspiring us to contribute more and more for Mozilla.


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