Introduction to Bug Verification – AIUB

An event named “Introduction to Bug Verification” was held in American International University-Bangladesh(AIUB).The event was organized by the FSA of Firefox@AIUB club on 17 April,2016.

After the successful event  “Introduction to Feature Testing -AIUB” many participants were interested to know about “How to verify a Bug”.So,to apprise them on this topic,The event was organized and arranged with only the interested persons who showed great interest to work further.There were 5 participants in total.

According to Firefox@AIUB the main purpose of this event was,

Give participants experience about reproducing bugs form reported build and latest build, how to understand user story and how to comment on Bugzilla.

At the very first of the event, Khalid Syfullah Zaman did some introductory conversation with the participants.The reason of this was to have a friendly conversation with the participants to make them feel easy and comfortable while asking further question or communicating with others during the event.


Then he told about definition of Bug and give introduction on Bug life Cycle.After that participants,learned about opening an account in Bugzilla.



From his instruction participants then understood about how to find a bug which is suitable for him/her to verify.

Then he gave a speech on How to understand reported bug.He also showed the way to download reported build from archive so that a participant can reproduce a bug on reported build.After that he gave a detailed instruction on how one can comment to verify that bug.

Screenshot (1)

Khalid Syfullah Zaman also showed some of his activity related to Bug verification so that participants can understand this topic more clearly.

Some click during event:

Event link: Introduction to Bug Verification – AIUB

Firefox@AIUB group link: Firefox@AIUB

To know about more Details: Mozilla Quality Assurance

My Mozilla Profile link: Tanvir Rahman



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