Introduction to Feature Testing – AIUB

To make the web better and safer for users, in each and every latest version of Firefox browser,Firefox tries to come with new features and lot more facilities.So before release an updated version, Firefox browser goes through various process to ensure that the latest version will be bug free and new features will be accepted by users.

To increase the skill of QA contributors in this sector, Firefox@AIUB organized an event named Introduction to Feature Testing – AIUB . This event was held on 11th February, 2016 in American International University – Bangladesh.It was a consequence of the successful event “Intro to QA – AIUB”.

The whole session of the event was mentored by  Khalid Syfullah Zaman. He divided the event in 3 parts.Preparatory,Main and Final.

Preparatory part

Khalid Syfullah Zaman selected a lab from Aiub to give experience about how a contributor test features of Firefox browser. As the event was held on a lab, with the help of some contributors he gave some files and checked Internet connectivity on every desktop to ensure that participants don’t face any technical problem during event.

He also selected some volunteers to help participants during event.Tanvir Rahman, Md.Nazmus Sakib RobinZayed Ne Ws, Sabbir ahmed sourov and Sauradeep Datta  was there to help him.


Main part

The event was started at 10.30 am.At the beginning of the event Khalid Syfullah Zaman gave  introduction about QA and told how one can contribute in QA pathway.

After that he represented about some features of Firefox browser.He gave a link so that participant can know more about those features.

Main feature of Firefox browser:

Then he told about Firefox release channels.He showed the way to identify various release channels and way to download various version of Firefox browser.


Link of the archive:

He then instructed to open a spreadsheet where a sample was given to test some feature of Firefox browser.At first he completed some tasks from that spreadsheet so that, participants don’t face difficulty during their test.

There was also a fun session in the event so that participants can know each other and  help themselves during the event.

After the break,participants started to test one by one task from that spreadsheet.Whenever a participants faced any problems volunteers and he was there to help them.

During doing task some participants started getting some bugs.So, at the ending part of the event  Khalid Syfullah Zaman shared his experience and gave little introduction about how to file a bug. He also assured that in next event there will be a detailed session about this.


Final part

In Final part some experienced contributor of Firefox@AIUB  club  Khalid Syfullah Zaman, MD. Anisur Rahman ,Asif Raihan, Salman Rahman Desh and  Mahbub Alam Papun shared their experience about QA.They also gave participants some link for further help.

Here’s are those links:

Mozilla Bangladesh, Mozilla QA Bangladesh and Firefox at AIUB

At last a group photo session was arranged –

Hashtag of the event : #‎fxaiubqa‬

Event link : Introduction to Feature Testing – AIUB.

My Mozilla Profile link: Tanvir Rahman


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