Tech Speaker V1


Tech Speaker?What i am trying to mean with this word?

Well,generally Tech Speaker is one who give speech on tech related topics.To be a good tech speaker one must have some qualities.One may have enough knowledge on a specific topic but he/she might not be a good Tech Speaker.As a result he/she can not teach or help another people.This can make his/her confidence level low.But he want to improve his tech speaking capability.He have intension to –

  • Improve his speaking skills.
  • Teach/help others.
  • Broaden his knowledge.

So to help this kind of people Mozilla launched a project named Tech Speakers.It is one of many projects in Mozilla.The main goal of this project is,

Increase developer awareness and adoption of the Web, Firefox, and Mozilla through a strong community-driven technical speaker development program.

To accomplish this goal,Tech Speaker Bangladesh organized a event name Tech Speaker V1.0 which was held on 11th March, 2016 at Newscred Dhaka.The Event was started at 10 am and finished at 5.15 pm.
There were 10 participants in that event.
Salman Rahman Desh organized the program. Asif Raihan, Khalid Syfullah, Tanvir Rahman, Sauradeep Dutta, Md Faysal Alam Riyad, Meraj Kazi, Muktasib Un Nur, Nazir Ahmed Sabbir and Zayed Ne Ws were other participants.

In the very first of the event, Asif Raihan wanted to know from everyone how each of us joined Mozilla.It was an great idea.Because it helped us to know each other.

Then the rest of the event was conducted by  Salman Rahman Desh.

At first,he gave his introduction.Then he introduced us about Mozilla and Tech Speaker project of Mozilla.It’s goal,importance etc.

Then he came with SWOT method.He was telling that, he learned this method on 28th February,2014 around 2.30pm.We were surprised why he remembered that time.Then he told us what SWOT means.It means-

  • S -> Strength
  • W -> Weakness
  • O -> Opportunity
  • T -> Threats

We were given 10-15 minutes to find out our Strength,Weakness,Opportunity and Threats.

WOW!!Really It was one of the most amazing part of the event!!I did not think like that before.The SWOT method was for to know ourselves.

8While exploring myself,i looked at clock.It was 12.15 pm.Yes,I leaned SWOT method on 11th March,2016 at 12.15pm!!

After that, again he did an amazing work.Which was while we were telling our outcomes from SWOT method, actually he was observing us.Then when we all finished telling about us he made several groups.Each group was made with 2 members.

The amazing part was the group was created in such a way that if one member strong in one site and another member has weakness in that site then those 2 members will be in a group.So that one can overcome his weakness!! Really,it was a great idea.

After,forming a group 1 hour break was given for thinking a topic for next session and lunch break.

My teammate was Zayed Ne Ws.We selected a topic and it was HTML.After taking a break next session was started.We were the first team to give speech.I was little bit nervous.

My teammate gave introductory part.He was quite okay.Now it’s my turn.My starting was good.But after giving some line of speech suddenly i lost my word.Though everyone was inspiring me but that made me more nervous.


I felt, Everyone is looking at me and i am not saying anything.Oh!! it was so embrassing moment.After few seconds i finished my speech somehow.I was totally frustrated.


After our speech each every group gave their opinion for improving ourselves. Salman Rahman Desh,also gave his valuable opinion.In this way each group gave their speech.Some groups did well and some groups cannot.But every group was trying their best and taking opinions positively to improve themselves.

After that, Salman Rahman Desh  showed us some video and shared some tips with us.Again he told us,we need to give another speech but this time individually.He gave 5-10 minutes for preparing ourselves.


Oh! I was waiting for that.This time i was determined.I was telling myself,

I must not be nervous in stage.May be  i won’t be the most attractive speaker of the event.But i would give a well speech.At least, I would try my best.

I remembered,when giving first group speech i was telling Salman Rahman Desh that we don’t want to be the first group to give speech.But this time i again told him, I want to give my speech first.

I went on stage.And finished my speech frequently.In that time, i was feeling great and confidence.

Really this event gave my confidence back.I am feeling confidence now.I think if i can attend several event like this, i will also be a great tech speaker.


Some important link of this event:


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